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Threads for Week 4




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Visit our Delicious for all the links mentioned during Week Three.




Welcome to Week 4!


During week 4, we are going to focus on how to help students develop their blog content and find their own voice through blogging.


We'll have the pleasure of interacting with two experienced and inspiring educators, Konrad Glogowsky and Paul Allison, who have devised pedagogical models to scaffold and evaluate the students' blogging process to facilitate learning. The great news is that Konrad and Paul are looking forward to our reflections! Konrad is going to write a post for our session and we'll be able to interact and share our ideas with him. This is the power of the open participatory web and networked learning. Can you imagine a similar scenario for your classes?


Please check out the tasks of the Week on the wiki

In addition, we are going to learn how to embed audio files and slideshows to our blog entries and how to personalize our template with widgets. You'll find all the tutorials on the same wiki page or you can also check the tutorials page.

Finally, get ready for two amazing live presentations at WiZiQ this week.

Women of the Web 2.0 on Tuesday and Konrad Glogowsky on Sunday


We look forward to your reflections and participation to make our week a unique learning experience!


Carla Raguseo

The Blogging Team


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