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 Week 5: Feb.11 - 18

Involving Students in Blogging


Week 5: Involving Students in Blogging


During this week, participants will:


  • identify the steps involved in getting students to blog
  • study several cases of class blogging and reflect upon what determines the success of such experiences
  • debate whether teachers should correct students' postings
  • compare alternative ways to respond to students' postings
  • consider ways in which blogs can be used to facilitate communication outside the classroom
  • identify ways to find collaborative partners and audiences for their blogging classes


Extension: Successful Class Blogging - Blog pedagogy







Task 1. Read the following blog posts


Rationale for Educational Blogging


Why Comments Count


Creating Passionate Users: Crash course in learning theory




Task 2 - Analyze blogs and blog entries.


a. Check some of the entries below:

International Exchange


Brazil and Argentina - Scrapbooking Project






The Power of Mind



Contemporary Non-Fiction Writing



b. The Edublogs Awards is an annual event in which people in the blogosphere vote for the best blogs of the Year in different categories. Check the categories and access some of the winners' blogs.




c. Post your reflections to the group blog.




Task 3 - Help the group improve our list of Blogging Principles and Practices.



Task 4 - Write a blog post with an idea for a blogging activity for your students.


  • Brainstorm some potential blogging activities which you think might be beneficial to your students' learning experience.
  • Remember that you want to engage them in conversations, encourage them to express themselves, motivate them to write.
  • Check some examples of blogging activities here
  • Tag your post: edublogpractice


Task 5 - Access other participants' blogs.



  • Check  their blogging ideas and leave them a comment stating what you thought of the activity, how you could apply to your own educational setting and giving them any constructive feedback to improve their blogging experience.



Optional Task (Yahoogroups Discussion)



Guest Speaker of the Week


James Farmer's presentation:

'What's the blogging point? Why you, your students and  your boss could all do with an edublog.'  

"James Farmer has been a teacher at La Trobe and RMIT Universities, a lecturer in education design at Deakin and the online community editor at The Age.

He is currently CEO of the largest education blogging network on the web, Edublogs (
http://edublogs.org), and consults for education, media and community organisations

While not in a symbiotic relationship with his laptop he enjoys a spot of red, interesting opinions and playing classical guitar (poorly)."

 Tuesday Feb.12

22 GMT


You can access the session here:  WiZiQ 


Podcast also available here.


Remember to Sign up for an account at WiziQ prior to the presentation.

Use headsets or earphones during the session.


WiziQ tutorial



Help us get organised for this session by adding your name to our group database if you're planning to join us!


Click here to check your work for week 5





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