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Week 2: Jan.21 -27

Understanding and Starting a Blog


Week 2: Understanding and Starting a Blog


During this week, participants will:


  • get to understand blog jargon
  • open an account at Blogger or Wordpress
  • choose a theme for their blog
  • edit their blog profile
  • consider moderation options for the comment area
  • consider adding word verification in the comment area to avoid spam
  • post their first entry to their own blog
  • add a comment in the group blog defining the purpose of their edublogs and the target audience
  • understand the basics of tagging and tag their first post
  • edit and format their entries
  • add images and links to their blog entries
  • enter their blogs in a database of participants' blogs


Extension: The World of Microblogging in Twitter




Task 1 - Learning about Blogging Jargon




Task 2 - Reflecting Upon Blogging with Students




Task 3 - Starting a Blog


We had already commented on Blogger (Week 1) and Edublogs (Week 2).

Choose one of these blog hosts to create your own blog.


Consider the following issues:


  • Define the purpose of your blog (Is it a personal journal? Is it for professional development issues? Is it a class blog? Is it a family blog? Is it a travel log?)
  • Define the target audience
  • Choose a Title (It will be the header of your blog)


If you chose Blogger,


  1. Read our Tips to Create a Blogger Account 
  2. Check the tour at Blogger
  3. Create a Blogger account at http://www.blogger.com/start


If you chose Edublogs,


  1. Click on Sign Up for free
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Check your mailbox for your account confirmation


Make sure you edit your profile that is shown on your blog. People need to know who's responsible for the blog.

Consider moderation options. Are you going to moderate comments or not?

Consider adding word verification to the comment area to avoid spam.



Task 4 - Writing your First Post


a. Log in to your blog account.

b. Write a post with the purpose of your blog, your target audience and how you plan to achieve your blogging goals.

c. Add tags to your blog posts (always add blogging4educators as it is our session tag)

By tagging you're labelling, attaching personal keywords to your posts

d. Include your Blog URL in the folder labelled Participants'Blogs in our Yahoogroups Links Area.


Going Beyond: add an image and/or a link to your blog entry.


Remember to resize your photo to post on the blog.

You can use EasyThumbnails or Picasa to do it.


Optional Activities and Extra Resources


Check our Pageflakes for blogs of the week, microblogging in Twitter and an interesting reading.



Office Hours - Synchronous Interaction


Monday to Friday, Jan 21 - 25

13:00 to 14:00 GMT


Questions about Blogger
Ana Maria's Skype Contact ID: anamariacult



Monday, Jan 21

 21:00 to 22:00 GMT

or any time you see

my skype ID in online


Skype Questions on week 2 tasks Cris Costa's Skype Contact ID: navysternchen


Wednesday, January 23
18:00 to 20:00 GMT
Skype Questions on week 2 tasks Nina's Skype Contact ID: nagora


Wednesday, Jan 23

14:00 to 15:00 GMT


Questions about Edublogs
Skype Contact ID: carlaarena


 Thursday, January 24        
 18:00 to 20:00 GMT    
Skype  Questions about Blogger
 Skype Contact ID: erikacruvinel




Bee Dieu's Presentation - Social Media in English Language Teaching 





Tuesday, January 22nd at  WiziQ


21 GMT

Check your local time here.
Listen to the recording at
Links mentioned by Bee:

WiziQ tutorial.




Barbara Dieu is the Coordinator of the Foreign Languages Department and an EFL teacher at the Franco Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. She´s been involved in collaborative projects online since 1997 and blogging since 2003. Check out Her Personal Blog.


Bee has developed a wonderful joint Blogging project with Aaron Campbell, The Open Web Publishing EFL/ESL project Dekita.org




Click here to check your work for week 2


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