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At any time during our workshop, but especially during the first week, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of emails exchanged.




  • You can set your mailing preferences to "Daily Digest". It may take Yahoo a while to process that, but when it does, you will be getting only one email for every 25 messages posted to the group. It'll be easier to scan the subject lines, which are all grouped at the top, and click only on the ones you really want to read.

      How to reply to a previous message

          - Below each message you'll find three links:

            Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post

        How to start a new topic

             - At the end of the digest

           Create New Topic | Visit Your Group on the Web




  • If you find digests still too time-consuming, you can change your emailing preferences to "Special Notices", in which case you'll be getting only messages we moderators post as special (weekly tasks, for instance). Or you may choose "No mail", and simply scan the messages on our Yahogroups page! when you find it convenient.






  • IMPORTANT reminder:

make subject lines as specific as possible

delete all irrelevant text from original messages when replying


And remember lurking is welcome. We know you're there and we perfectly understand how hectic an educator's life can be.


Things will quieten down soon. Just help us make it as easy as possible for everyone.


The Blogging Team



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