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Dennis Oliver

Arizona, U.S.A.



Until recently, Dennis taught ESL and Developmental English at Estrella Mountain Community College

in Avondale, Arizona. In the 20 years or so before that, he taught pre-university students and did

administrative work at a university IEP, taught secondary-school students in a now-defunct  private

boarding school, served as an editor and writer while he worked for and with a well-known ESL/EFL

materials developer, and taught, did teacher training, worked in curriculum development, and

served as a textbook editor for a chain of proprietary ESL/EFL schools. Dennis has been interested in and involved with

online ELT since  the mid-1990s; some of his materials from that time are still online at three sections of Dave's ESL Cafe,

as part of a listening project linked on Rong-Chang Li's ESL site, and also on one of Charles Kelly's ESL/EFL sites.

Yahoo ID: doliver_phoenix


some of Dennis' blogs:










My name is Lindsay Ladig and I live near Stuttgart in south Germany. Originally I'm from Derby, UK. For the last 9 years I've been teaching general and business English at all levels (adults), and I've also become familiar and taught in virtual classroom environments. I've never taken part in EVO and I've no experience of blogging. My USP teaching motto: "Be prepared.... for surprises"


Yahoo ID: ladigl 



Clearwater, FL, USA


I'm a "veteran" teacher who loves technology but also new to blogging. I'm really looking forward to this & hope to meet some of you at TESOL in NYC in April~ 

Yahoo ID: lilee_tunceren 


USA - Moldova


My name is Daniela Munca. I was born in a small but beautiful country in Eastern Europe - Moldova, on the border of the Nistru River, separating Moldova from Ukraine. I am an international graduate student in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) at The University of Mississippi, as well as an ESL Instructor within the ESL Program. I teach elementary to upper-intermediate undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world. My students come from Korea and China, Jordan and India, Chile and Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Nederland, Armenia and Italy, France and Japan. We always have fun while learning English- it's so exciting to share cultures and customs around the world in one classroom! I like teaching because I meet so many different students and learn something new each day. My students are my source of energy; they make my day and know how to make me smile! I believe Web 2.0 could be of a tremenduous resource and tool for both teachers and students! Check this out and tell us what you think:



Yahoo ID: danielamunca 




I'm Stella from Argentina. I'm a teacher of English clumsily entering this e-world. I must tell you this is not my first attempt with tecnology, but I don't feel confident with this WEB 2.O. I really understand those people who don't even get close to the computer in fear of destroying it. Actually, I'm trying to get confident. I must admit that some time ago when I read about "wiki, blogs, del.icio.us, etc, etc" I was puzzeled. Now, at least, I know what they're about (or just trying!! to know)I think technology is a never ending journey and I'm sure our teachers will help us move a step froward in this incredible world.

Yahoo ID: stellamso  


Poland - USA



Hello! I'm an American teaching English in Wroclaw,Poland. I'm going on my 4th year here. I taught ESL in the US for a few years before that. I did a CELTA in 2004 and have had little to no follow up training since then - so I'm looking forward to these sessions. I have a few students and groups I communicate with regularly through blogs, and could always use to improve in the technology area ;)

Yahoo ID:jaedw   


Berta Leiva



I work at Simón Bolívar University, Caracas, where I teach EST reading comprehension to freshman engineering students and this term I will also be in charge of our graduate course on Theory and Methods of Second Language Teaching and Learning.

Yahoo ID: bleiva2003  

Tatiana Visheratina



My name is Tatiana. I'm a teacher in a secondary school in Russia. Now we having winter holidays. I'm interested in learning more about blogs. I have a blog with my 7 grade students, and I want to know how I can use it in a better way. I'm very happy to join this group. I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to understand everything because I don't know much about the computers. 

Yahoo ID: tatiana_visheratina   






Hi, everybody. I teach English to future English teachers at Universidade Federal do Pará and I'm interested in the use of  technology in EFL. In a course I give about using textual genre in the the classroom, some of my students have presented projects that involve the use of blog to enhance learning. I believe this workshop will be very useful and amusing. 

Yahoo ID: celinhamacedo 

Lucía Rivas



I'm Lucía Rivas, from Santa Rosa - La Pampa, Argentina. I am a teacher of English in a private institute, where I teach children, adolescents and adults, and also at University level, where I teach phonology and Discourse analysis. I'm really interested in learning about technology applied to education. Last year I participated of "blogging for begginers" and I managed to learn quite a lot, though I couldn't devote much time to it and I was kind of a "lurker". Here I come again. I hope to be able to make the most of it.   Yahoo ID: luciairivas




My name is Jackie, and this is my first time on EVO. I teach TESOL, ESL, and Russian Literature courses at a small Catholic college in suburban New York. I am pretty new to blogging. I used a blog in the grammar class I taught last semester to preservice ESL teachers, but it wasn't a complete success, so I would like to learn more about what I can do with blogs for teaching and learning. I have also tried to keep up a blog on LiveJournal, but I have not been entirely successful because I never have enough time.

 Yahoo ID: jacnen




I'm Lilian. I've been an EFL teacher for about 15 years now. I'm a TEFL MA student and researcher at the American University in Cairo. I'm very interested in blogging. I wrote a mini literature review on the use of blogs in teaching writing in one of the MA courses. The problem is I don't have enough time to keep a personal blog although I always wanted to. I need to explore the potentials of blogs in education to know how I can utilize them in my different classes.

Yahoo ID: cotemoderator1





I'm from La Serena, Chile. I work with students from 5th grade elementary school up to 4th grade secondary school, and with adults too. I want to create my own educational blog to help and give more support to my student through activities and communication outside the classroom. It will be great to learn from you.

Yahoo ID: christian2966

Monica Veado



I'm Mônica and I'm a teacher in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Most of my students are adults at intermediate and advanced levels taking private classes, so I've started using some web2.0 tools to create a sort of 'mini virtual community' where they can meet and interact. We started a blog last year and it's been a fantastic experience. I'm also (hopefully) finishing my master's degree in May, and my dissertation focuses on collaborative writing online.

I now keep two blogs: one where I post activities, links etc. and where my students also post some of their own work. The other, about cinema, is part of my master's project.



Yahoo ID: mveado

Fernanda Rodrigues



I'm Fernanda from Portugal. I've been an EFL teacher for 34 years and enjoy using ICT with my students. My students have started blogging and I want to learn more about how to keep them motivated to go on.

Yahoo ID: mfr2000pt

Ricardo Santos 




I'm Ricardo and I live in Araraquara, Brazil. I've been teaching EFL for about 20 years and English/American literature for some seven years. I'm quite new to blogging, so I'm very excited about it, especially when we can share our questions and discoveries with so many people from all over the world!

Yahoo ID: rixlion

Salaheddine Belaassal 



I'm an EFL High school teacher in Agadir, Morocco. I'm interested in ICT in English language teaching. I'm currently trying to introduce my students to the use of blogs, wikis and podcasts. I need more training on the use of e-tools. I'm glad to join this goup.

Yahoo ID: s_belaassal

Patricia Soares 



I'm Patricia Soares from the friendly country of Portugal. I'm an ESL teacher and for the last 3 years I've been teaching in primary schools (6 to 10 year old Ss) and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. In fact, this rewarding experience is the reason why I've enrolled this Evo session as well as becoming a webmasters08.

Last year, my students and I created a blog (www.abcgo.wordpress.com) where pictures of the work done in English classes are posted. The feedback has been positive and I feel it's time to move forward! After all blogging isn't just posting pictures.  So, I'm eager to learn and I can't wait to get started!

Yahoo ID: patmsoares


 José Antônio



My name is José Antônio and I am an EFL teacher in Brasília, Brazil. It is so good to see many familiar and new faces in this wonderful course. I took B4B last year and it was really fun, so I am back. I will be a little busy, because I am also taking BaW08, but I couldn´t help it. I had to join this group too. I am a great fan of blogs, especially wordpress and edublogs and would like to learn more about them and share what I know.

Yahoo ID: joseaokc

Velma Costa



My name is Velma, I'm originally from Windhoek, Namibia but have been living in Figueira da Foz, Portugal for the past 13 years. My parents decided to move to Portugal when I was 14...since they're portuguese.  I've been an EFL teacher for the past 4 1/2 years. This academic year is being the most challening so far...I'm teaching so many different levels... I teach at a Language Institute - young learners, teenagers and adult beginners. During the day I teach at primary schools (7 to 9 year olds) and I also have 2 nursery classes (3-4 year olds and 4-5 year olds).  It's my 1st time on an online course, let alone working on bloggs...don't know how to create one, don't know what's wiki...I'm a complete virgin on these topics. Be patient  with me Decided to join due to the influence of a collegue: Patricia Soares, she works with me at the same institute. She is the one responsible for me wanting to find out more about this topic.

Yahoo ID: velmacosta


 Edita Saluzzo



 I´m an EFL teacher in Rosario Argentina. I´m glad to be here and looking forward to start the workshop. I have created blogs, but as all of you I want to expand, reflect and deeply take advantage of this new tool.

Yahoo ID: editasaluzzo



Sara Costa




I am Sara Costa from Lima,Peru. I have had some exposure to blogs but have not actually used them in my ESL class. I teach ESL in Middle School and have been a teacher for many years. My intent in taking this blogging session is to make my classes more attractive and interactive for my kids.

Yahoo ID: scostawonder




 Patricia Wierna Saravia  (Pato)



I'm Patricia Wierna Saravia but everbody calls me Pato which I love. I live and work as an English teacher in Salta, a city north of Argentina. A friend of mine introduced me to this new technology and I immediately fell in love. I've had a computer for less than a year and I've only surfed the net looking for information, worksheets, ideas, etc. But very quickly it seemed not enough and I started looking for more. Then my friend told me about EVO and I decided that was what I was looking for and I signed up. I'm thrilled with the idea of learning about blogs, but to tell you the truth I'm completely illiterate about it, so you will have to be very, very patient with me. I hope to learn a lot  not only for me but also to introduce my team (I have a little English School in my neighbourhood)to this new world of opportunities to teach

and interact in English. I love this new experience and I'm sure I'll learn a lot.

Yahoo ID: pwiernasaravia




I am Sandy. I enjoy teaching ESL/EFL and am teaching in Africa this year. I have used blogs a few times with students in class and am looking forward to learning many new ways to use them while working in this group.

Yahoo ID: sanlee2008





I'm from Portugal. I teach English to children from 3 to 9 for 4 years now. It has been quite an adventure!!!

This is my first time in an on-line course and I'm still learning how to use some of the tools we'll be needing so I hope I can do it till the end!

I don't have a blog and I don't know how to create one (I don't even know what a wiki is - shame on me). Anyway, I truly hope you have patience with me and I promise I'll learn all you have to teach. I'd really like to create a blog to show my students' works and to have them participate in it too!

Yahoo ID: mariamarques1976





My name is Alfia. I am an ESL teacher from Russia, from a small town Sarapul near the Urals. I teach students at the age of 7,9, 13 and 14 . So some of them are just beginners. I want to start blogging with the 13 and 14 year olds. I'd like to do cooperative projects. In my opinion cultural exchange can give much to its participants. This is my third year with EVO. I'm learning very slowly. I'm sure this year there will be a breakthrough...    I love the atmosphere here and our blogging team is excellent. I wish everybody success. I'm sure we'll enjoy the session.

Yahoo ID: alftimartmir


 Dorinda Contreras


My name is Dorinda Contreras and I have been using blogging since 2006.  I am a Teacher of Spanish, ESL, EFL, and Compostion.  I have 5 children, 23, 22, 19, 3 and a half and 2.  The first three daughters are not bilingual, but my youngest daughter and son are.  The speak Spanish and English.

Because of this I have done some self-experimentation and have been slowing working in a co-authored blog with Mary H. called Bilingual  Babble and tried to start and international blog called intercultural connexion which didn´t really fly for my EFL students while I was in Argentina this past fall.  I have, however, used blogging in the form of a discussion board on Blackboard in my Spanish and Composition classes with much success.  

Yahoo ID: abanico38




First of all,I'm really happy to be a member of this group including many different language teachers who are interested in ict from all around the world. I also have to admit that Webheads and EVO sessions have changed my life and broadened my horizons. I was a member of Blogging for Beginners and Tips and Tricks groups in EVO 2007 and I learned lots of useful things from them. I have been working as an English instructor in Bahcesehir University English Preparatory Program in Istanbul,Turkey for three years. I'd like to expand my knowledge in blogs and wikis and language learning and come up with practical ideas . I 'm sure we're going to learn a lot through collaboration .

Yahoo ID: beyzaylmaz

Gina Webster

USA - Canada



My name is Gina. Originally from Montreal, Canada, I now live (and teach) in New York City. I'm a mid-life career changer, so am still new-ish to teaching (2 years). I teach ESOL and TOEFL test prep. My experience with blogging is limited to reading the really interesting stuff that OTHER people have written, but I'm curious to learn more. A co-teacher and I started a blog last year that fell into dis-use and I'm eager to try it again.


Yahoo ID: webgina10003





 I am a technology coordinator for a K-12 school in NJ, USA. I am in the process of trying to intregrate blogs into some subject areas. I think this workshop will be a great help with this undertaking.

Yahoo ID: laly120

Nina Ruda



I'm Nina. I teach Business English at the university in Khmelnytski, Ukraine. First of all I' like to say that I'm really delighted to join the group. Iwas informed about the EVO session by Nina Lyulkun. She invited me to take part in it and I'm here! These will be my first steps in blogging learning and I hope to get the best of it.  I wish all of you inspiration, creativity and great results!

Yahoo ID: allagoraknu


 Michael Shade


I am Michael Shade, and I teach Spanish at the University of Brighton in the UK - so my students range from 17 to 70 years old. I have been involved in encouraging language teachers to use the web for several years, but had not ventured into Web 2.0 until I accidentally caught the tail-end of the EVO workshops last year. I have been hooked ever since, trying out all sorts of social software. I've also signed up for the workshop on Social Media in ELT .

This year I have attempted to use blogs to encourage students to post short pieces of written work, arising from their normal classwork and homework. The writing has been optional and not assessed. It's small scale but I feel it's been reasonably successful - apart from the fact that none of them have posted comments on anyone else's pieces! Yahoo ID: michael7923







 Evelyn Izquierdo



My name is Evelyn Izquierdo. I graduated as an English teacher in 1989. During the last 10 years, I have been working  for the School of Education of the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) where I teach face-to face, blended and distance ESP courses.

I love online classes and exploring ICT tools. It is exciting to see how my students enjoy learning the language while they develop their tech skills. I'm so enthusiastic about this workshop and hope for the best.

 Yahoo ID: izquierdo_evelyn





Hello everybody. My name is Natasa and I come from Belgrade, Serbia. I have been teaching English for 17 years. I work in a language school and I teach all levels, from beginner to advanced. I teach adults and teenagers. Although I have read other people's blogs, I have never had a blog of my own or used one with my students. I am here for the first time and I am also doing the BaW course. I hope I can manage both. I am a total beginner and I have so much to learn.

Looking forward to meeting you all


Yahoo ID: natasabozicgrojic

Bob Palmer



My name is Bob Palmer, and I teach EFL/CALL mainly to university students in Sapporo, Japan. I was fortunate enough to meet (online) and learn with Carla when we were both students in the TESOL online teaching certificate program. I remember Carla for her tremendous energy and enthusiasm, and was so pleased to hear that she would be a leader of this group.

As for blogging, I have been using blogs in my classes for the past two years but feel they have much greater potential than I'm aware of. That's why I joined this session -- to learn from others who are using blogs more creatively and effectively to motivate their students and enhance learning. Along the way, if I can share anything useful to others it would be doubly rewarding.

Yahoo ID: pahmah

Nataliya Perun

Ukraine - USA



I'm Nataliya from Ukraine! I've been teaching EFL, ESP, and ELT at Lviv Ivan Franko National University for 7 years. I'm at the University of Oregon, US on a Fulbright Faculty Development Program now. It was here I heard the words BLOG and WIKI for the first time! So I'm a newbie both in blogging and EVO:) I would like to start blogging with my university students upon my return to Ukraine.  Hope to learn a lot of useful things from you here!


Yahoo ID: nperun

Azam Abedi



I'm from Iran. I'm teaching at university level.I also have two weblogs. I have written two papers about the role of blogging in EFL classes. My major aim of joining this workshop is to learn more aout blogs.

Yahoo ID: azamab2002




I'm an English teacher at an elementary school (kids from 10 to 14),  but I also teach at University and adults in high school programs. Still trying to work out how all of this works...

Yahoo ID: barbara.kragelj

JoAnn Salvisberg



I'm very happy to be a part of the Blogging4Educators group, and look forward to learning and sharing a lot over the next 6 weeks. I am an English teacher and teacher trainer, originally from Texas but have been living in Switzerland for 21+ years now. My current students, teachers, are rather reluctant to get into blogging because the last thing they want after teaching all day is to sit in front of their computer and blog. Still, I hope to learn enough to entice and convince them that not only can they benefit, but use the tool of blogging with their own classes. Wish me luck!? JoAnn (aka Jotex)

Yahoo ID: jotex54


Camila Sousa




My name is Camila Sousa and I am an English Teacher in Uberlândia - Brazil I teach EFL classes and I am finishing my MA in Special need education to know more about it access: http://www.englishnowhere.blogspot.com I am also a member of the group LWC - Learning With Computers where I´ve been learning a lot with everyone about the tools to enhance my classes and teaching practice. I hope to learn a lot with you guys and to help if I am able to.

Yahoo ID: camilaudi


Ana Maria Irribarem Soares

South of Brazil


My name is Ana Maria Irribarem Soares, but you can calll me Ana. I'm from Curitiba, a nice city in the South of Brazil.   I'm a teacher of English, and I teach at a Military School. I teach basic and lower intermediate English for teenagers. This is my first time at an EVO event. I tried to create a blog last year to reach my students at home, to help them and to add some technology to my classes, but I got completely lost. I gave up, but I want to try it again. I often read blogs about how to make stuff (I like doing crafts), and I think blogging is fantastic. I think I will need some help from the group, as this is my first time in this kind of activity, and I confess that I feel a little lost, and I don't know exactly what I am supposed to do.


Yahoo ID: anairribarem


Hoda Kain

Saida Lebanon


This is Hoda kain from Saida Lebanon. I have a BA in English Literature. Currently, I'm pursuing an MA in education.Iam an English teacher at Houssam Eddine Hariri High School. I teach seventh and eighth graders. I have been teaching since 1994. I am a core trainer with INTEl Teach where I train teachers on integrating Technology into school subjects. However, I have a novice experience with blogging. I hope I'll learn a lot from all of you. I am really interested in integrating technologyu into school subjects.

Yahoo ID: sayosy


Jacqueline Benevento

New Jersey


I am very new at this and am looking forward to learning.... I teach at Rowan U in New Jersey--graduate courses in methods of teaching ESL, BE and foreign languages.

Yahoo ID: jdbenevento


Yvonne Caples



My name is Yvonne and I have been a high school ESL teacher for the past 10 years. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have tried blogging for the last couple of years including having my students blog, but this year I hope to take it to the next level and really use blogging to it's full extent and use it consistently. I look forward to meeting everyone and working and learning together with you.

Yahoo ID: sawanttara



Holly Dilatush



I have a relatively new blog: http://www.tales-around-the-world.blogspot.com that I hope to IMPROVE via the wonderful help from this group!

I have used "elementary" blogs (text and photos) before, primarily to share my adventures 2004/2005 when I spent a year teaching in Korea.  However, I've NOT been successful in using them with students -- and also hope to find ideas here. It's quite interesting to me that I have managed to engage students using Moodles  (http://www.abavirtual-learningcenter.org) but not with wikis or blogs. I find I much prefer threaded and searchable discussion forums (so far) than I do blog posts.  I love learning new twists and turns of the amazing array of options here are for us to explore. I'm freelancing as a private ESOL tutor (adults). I'm also in the midst of pursuing my Master's in Adult Education and Training (100% Online) and so will have to keep that a priority.

Yahoo ID: smilin7h


Gabriela Grosseck



I am a teacher at University, not an English one (but interested in using web 2.0 tools in education). My area of interests is socio-cultural aspects of computerization.

I have a blog and use some web 2.0 tools (such as wikis, social bookmarking, social networking or media-sharing) but I didn't try to blog with my students. So, it is my first time here in EVO sessions and I am ready to learn new things and meet exciting experiences.

Yahoo ID: grosseckgabriela


Mira Baz



Hello everyone! I'm from Lebanon, currently teaching intensive English courses at the university level in Qatar. I'm familiar with blogs and would like to explore integrating them into our classwork. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you.

Yahoo ID: baz.mira


Zebo Murodova



I am Zebo Murodova an English teacher from Tajikistan. I teach English since 2004 at secondary school#1 in town Sarband. I teach 5th and 9th graders. I like my profession very much.And i like to learn more new things.I hope to learn more new things.

Yahoo ID: mzeboniso


Carlos Leonis

Brazilian Amazon region


I'm really glad to join in this session, I really like learning about languages and technology. I'm from the Brazilian Amazon region, and an undergraduate ELT student at the Federal University of Pará, my professor Cintia Costa told me about these sessions and I decided to join in. I teach kids (9-10 yeard old), teens and adults at a language intitution (Cultura Inglesa) in Belém (capital of Pará state), also I'm a trainee at the university language courses.

I'm looking forward to learning more about blogs, well, I already know how to create one, but I have to confess that it's not so familiar to me, besides there are some vocabulary that I don't understand yet. I also have to confess that I'm a little upset about my schedule this semester since I'm involved in many things, but I'll do my best to keep up with all the tasks here learn more to offer my students more.

Yahoo ID: carlos.leonis


Eleni Argyriou



My name is Eleni Argyriou and I teach English at state  junior high school in Livadia, a town close to Athens, the capital of Greece. I am interested in the use of technology in the EFL classroom and looking forward to see how blogging can make a difference.

Yahoo ID: elenargy


Yulia Chuvasheva



I'm Yulia. I live in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I have been teaching English since 1998 at a university. My students are16 – 20 year-olds, from elementary to upper-intermediate. We teach general English at the fist year and English of specialty (mainly civil engineering) at the second year. Not all students are motivated or have an opportunity to use English apart from class tasks, and the second year is especially boring. So I hope to make my lessons more attractive with the help of new technologies. Besides, I have a 4-year break in my career looking after two daughters, and realizing that I have a gap in modern methods, I'm eager to learn and educate myself. I'm the first time at EVO and I've also joined BAW08 (hope to cope). I've got interested in blogs on Russian sites for communication and want to learn how to use them in teaching. And I'd like to feel what it is to be a part of community.

Yahoo ID: ychuvasheva

Danubia Bull



I'm Danubia Bull, 26, from Uberlandia, Brazil. I have been teaching for not such a long time,for about i guess 7 years. I started out as a backpack teacher and just fell in love with the art of learning with others. I am very interested in learinig how to use computer effectively with my students. At our school last year ( Cultura Inglesa) we had a nice group of people working togehter on how to improve the use of blog along with our curriculum. Ana Maria has done so much for us and I wish I can learn some more through this group. She has eoncouraged me to sign up and I wm willing to give it a try! I hope to be able to keep up with so many tasks and messages!

Yahoo ID: damagirl_ca



Israel - Pittsburgh


I am an EFL/ESL teacher living in Pittsburgh, PA here for a year from my teaching post back in Israel. I write blogs (currently have three) and I actually wrote about blogging for educators for the website I write for on new teacher support. http://www.newteachersupport.suite101.com (includes lots of hands on material for the new teacher including the

ESL teachers and a upcoming giveaway contest)

Right now I'm writing a book on Teaching at-risk Young ELL Children. If anybody has any experiences with teaching this more silent world of ESL teaching, I'd particularly like to hear your experiences. But it would be interesting to see how the topic extends itself.

Yahoo ID: dorotheail


Angeles Berman




My name is Angeles Berman and I work as an EFL teacher in a secondary  school in Carmen, Campeche, México. I love blogging and technology use in education even though our

technical resources at my school are so limited. I hope to learn a lot of things from this group, share ideas and information :-)



Yahoo ID: angeles_berman

Eleni Nikiforou



 I am Eleni Nikiforou from Cyprus. I am an English language teacher. I have had some experience with blogging in the past and I am looking forward to learning more via this workshop.

Yahoo ID:  eleninikiforou




Hello from Canada. I live in Charlottetown, PEI. I teach mostly adults who have immigrated to this country. Some of my students though are young adults and teens. This is my first time taking a course like this online but I have worked online leading discussion groups as part of a university teaching position. I am very excited to learn more about blogging and hope one day to have my own art instruction and creative thinking blog. You see I am also an artist. I work mainly with pencil, ink and watercolour but am trying to expand my repretiore. I'm excited to meet and learn together with all of you.


Yahoo ID: larientinuviel


Alison Miyake 

Canada - Japan


My name is Alison Miyake. I teach mostly young learners and absolute beginners in English. At this stage, I am more exploring blogs for my own education, but I am sure that you all will give me some creative ideas and the energy to get started on something. This is my first EVO (I am also participating in the Drama sessions), and I am already excited by the range of countries and everyone's experience represented here.  It will take me a while to figure out my way around, but I look forward to working with you all.

Yahoo ID: alison_miyake

Natalia Kalugina

Kamchatka, Russia


My name's Natalia Kalugina. I live in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city which is located in Kamchatka peninsular in the Far East of Russia. I am working in the library as an American corner coordinator. One of my duties is to make presentations on different topics for local teachers of English. I have never done blogging before. If i master it, i'll introduce this educational technique to English teachers in Kamchatka. That is why i joined the group. I was impressed with the fact that it is so diverse geographically! Many thanks to moderators for being so encouraging and friendly. I do not feel "bloggly handicap" here. I hope i will not only learn blogging but will also make new friends here.I was trained to be a teacher of English and I have some teaching experience.

Yahoo ID: nataliakalugina

Dennis Newson



Dennis Newson, an Englishman in Germany, writing. I usually call myself Denos in EVO circles because there is another Dennis (Oliver) who has already introduced himself. (Denos comes from Dennis and the 'Os' of Osnabrueck, the town where I live.) I've created a couple of blogs and online albums with commentary, but I am still at the elementary stage with blogging. I want to learn much, much more and I know I've come to the right place to do so.  And now I will catch up with reading the postings so far. Look forwarding to blogging with you all. 

Yahoo ID: dnewson2001

Angeles Hernandez



This is my second attempt at Blogging in EVO sessions. I hope to finish the programme this year.

My name is Angeles Hernandez. I've been a teacher of English for 23 years now. I teach at a state school for continuing foreign language education in Santander (Spain). My students are all over 16. This year I teach advanced and lower intermediate.  I've been interested in using Internet since my first web collaborative project in 1999. I've started to use blogs to get writing tasks and for a class weekly diary. Next year I have the intention to offer a practical English course on the web 2.0. I'll call it "Practical English course: social expression and communication on Internet".  I am already designing the syllabus and this session will give me a great opportunity to time and brush the blogging tasks.

By the way I am married, two children, a husband, a father and many brothers and sisters direct family and in laws, nephews, firnds, etc. That's why I haved a busy social life and I struggle to get time to sit on the computer. Once I do I spend ages.

Yahoo ID: angeles_hernandez_polanco

Liliam Prytz Nilsson (Vicky)

Argentina, Misiones


I'm Liliam Prytz Nilsson from Misiones Argentina. Even if it seems odd, people call me Vicky, but you can use any of them. Well, I'm an English teacher working for the Ministry of Education at the moment, for a programme on Intercultural Bilingual Education for the indigenous Guarani people. I used to teach ESP and Applied Linguistics until I was appointed coordinator for this programme.  I do not have any experience as regards blogging, but I am eager to learn how to use it because I would like to encourage cooperative learning and to keep on communication with the teachers from

indigenous schools. Now that I've read many messages from other participants I'm anxious to start blogging.

Yahoo ID: liliamprytz

Fabiana Bridi

Brazil, Uberlândia


My name is Fabiana. I am an EFL teacher in Uberlândia, Brazil. You may have seen some participants from the same city around as we have been motivated to take part in this session by the same person - Ana Maria Menezes. I can still remember the feeling of awe that took over me when I was introduced (by Ana) to the wonderful possibilities of blogging and online learning. I must confess I felt like I was inappropriate to this kind of thing because I'm not very skilled at computers. But practice and patience have proved me wrong. As I started to devote some time to creating a class blog, I couldn't stop it. It was, as someone has already mentioned, addictive and worthwhile.  You are all welcome to access the result of my attempts and effort at www.teen5.blogspot.com, something which is very dear to me. Well, I still have a long way to go. That's why I'm here..  I'm completely new at attending online courses, so please don't you mind if I "lurk" most of the time.

Yahoo ID: fabiana.bridi

Mónia Santo




I'm from Portugal and my name's Mónia Santo. I'm a childhood educator (kindergarten), and I would like to learn more about this issue and about how to develop it in my pedagogical practice.



Yahoo ID: monia.santo


Cecilia Soledad Paternoste



I'm taking a degree for english teachers on english teaching. The university i'm attending is UCAECE here in Argentina. It's hard but really rewarding and it was there where I become pushed into this of blogging which turned into a must if I wanted to be part of the world we are living nowadays and with the students we have nowadays however, I'm 25 and in a way I'm supposed to get on well with technology!

Yahoo ID: ceciliapaternoste

Illya Arnet-Clark



My name is Illya and I'm a teacher in Switzerland.  I use a class blog with my English class, and after 3 tries with different classes I'm finally beginning to get the learners to respond and use the blog too. I use blogger for the class blogs since I find it easier for them to use, but I also have a reflective blog at wordpress: http://illyasoet.wordpress.com I love the opportunities blogs offer for collaboration and creativity, and also as a means to document one's own development, both personal and professional.

I can see that this is already an amazing group, so friendly despite the huge size! Greetings to the group of moderators - you're doing an excellent job! I wish I had time to be more active on this group, but since I am also co-moderating another session (Social Media), I'll be more in the background. I hope you don't mind me lurking :-)

Yahoo ID: illya_celena

Janina Tubby


I've been in Japan 15 years. I live in Kobe. I joined a few days back, but I have been quiet as I am a non-graduate of several EV sessions in the past. I usually start out enthusiastically, completing tasks with enormous verve and then completely drop out in about week 3 or 4 - sorry! This year, for the first time, I have joined only one session, in the hope that I may actually complete this time, but am yet to check out all the things on offer.

But EV sessions rock and I have benefitted enormously in previous years even if I have not managed to finish. Thank you very much to the organizers. I blogged with my niversity students for about three years as a result of the first EV session on blogging, but I have not blogged for about 2 or 3 years now. I no longer teach university but have my own small school where I teach children from aged 3 - currently 10. I have had an empty blog on my school's webpage for almost a year now - yikes! I'm looking forward to being part of this session and talking more with you all!

Yahoo ID: janinaumds



Jane Petring (Juanita)



My name is Jane Petring and I teach English at the university/college level in snowy, chilly Montreal, but I have just returned from a long trip to Florida where I had a wonderful visit with Carla Arena. I can attest that Carla is not only a very organized and dedicated blogger and moderator, but also a fabulous cook and a terrific host--we exchanged so many ideas about blogging and online collaboration...and food and culture and music and more.

I have been involved with the EVO's since 2004 and have experimented with different types of applications for blogs. One that has worked very well is a TV journal where students write about an English TV program of their choice--a great way for students to get more listening practice outside of class (www.englishcedblog.blogspot.com --links for the students' individual blogs are in the right sidebar).

Last fall I completed a textbook for college level English and this session I am taking a sabbatical leave to travel and improve my Spanish. I will be studying in Argentina, Chile and Peru and I'm thrilled to see we have so many participants from this part of the world. I do believe we will have to plan a face-to-face blogging4educators get-together in Buenos Aires in late February, once I arrive there!

Yahoo ID: want2no7

Sibel Korkmazgi



I'm Sibel Korkmazgil and I've been working as a research assistant in ELT Department at Middle East Technical University (Ankara/Turkey) for about 2 years. I'm very much interested in CALL though I'm totally new and inexperienced as to blogging, I'm planning to write my MA thesis on Weblogs. Actually I have an intent to integrate blogs in an EFL writing class this term. I hope I will have learned to use the blogs effectively by then. so I'm looking forward to learning from you, and the messages I've received so far gives me the impression that I'm at the right place. I hope this session will raise more questions than answers....

Yahoo ID: sibel.korkmazgil

Jo Harris

Turkey - Australia 


I am working in the freshman program in a university in Istanbul, although I am Australian I have been living here in Turkey for 6 and a half years. I have been using blogs in my class for just 1 year. The first time I made it a part of the grade but some students resented that so last semester I made it voluntary and as a compliment or alternative to classroom spoken participation- the students liked this much more. I kept my own blog as well to motivate the students to write in theirs. What I am hoping to get from this group is more technical know how about blogs, but also how to encourage the students to read each others and comment on each others and ways to make them more attractive to the students. I want to motivate them to write! Big aims perhaps...

Yahoo ID: joha1970

Yaung Chi Oo


I'm Yaung Chi Oo. Although I have no experience of blogging, I am  eager to learn it. I an't wait to have a friendly conversation with you. I wish you every success and good health.

Consuelo Cedano Pineda

Colombia - England




My name is Consuelo. I am an English teacher. I am from Colombia, but at the moment I am in England doing a Masters in ELT and multimedia. I am also interested in making my classes more attractive and interactive.


Yahoo ID: consuelocedano



Nadia Kolesnik



My name is Nadia. I live in Moscow. I graduated from Moscow State University and I've teached mainly school children.

At the university when I was a student I participated in many online educational projects. We had video conferences, charts and forums  with the USA, China, Peru and many other countries. It was amazing! From that time on I'm a passionate admirer of all forms of distance education.

Now my dream as a teacher is to create my own online course with the help of a blog.

I'm glad to find so many people who have the same interests. This topic really inspires me and I hope to learn a lot.

Yahoo ID: nadia_kolesnik

Karen Olmstead



My name is Karen Olmstead and I live in Sandown, NH, USA.  You can all call me Karen. I am a 7th grade technology teacher in a regional middle school (approximately 1200 students). This is my first time at EVO and blogging4educators is the only session I am taking. I am on the Board of Directors of the NH affiliate of ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and NHAMLE (NH Association for Middle Level Education).

In my free time (what's that???) I love to knit, crochet, quilt, embroider and read. I am married with 2 boys, Nick is 27 and lives in Missouri, Patrick is 16 and a junior in high school. He hasn't decided  what he wants to do with his life yet.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you while we learn about improving our students' educational opportunities through blogs!!!!

Yahoo ID: olmstead.karen 

Ilse Mönch



Hello all, my name is Ilse Mönch and I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. I have a Specialization from Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB) in the teaching of foreign languages. Currently I teach private English classes for elementary and high school students. This is my third time taking the BaW workshop and now I would like to learn more about blogging because I have worked mostly with wikis. I belong to Webheads since 2005. Nice to be here sharing with you all.

 Yahoo ID: ilsecmonch

Ana Cotter (teteana)



I'm Ana (teteana) from Lisbon, Portugal.

I teach kindergarten and primary esl or at least i like to think i try. I'm a very inexperienced teacher (been teaching for 2 years now). Last summer i took a summer course at Pilgrims (UK) which totally changed my life, because it made me realize I could do just about anything with my kids.

I'm not new to blogging or wikis (i keep a pbwiki with a bunch of other teachers), but i am a total stranger to virtual classrooms. And that's why i'm here. i want to learn how to explore all these wonderful tools with the children. it will be hard for me to keep track of everything as i don't have a lot of time, but i promise to do my best.

 Yahoo ID: anacotter


Lena Sydorenko



I am Lena Sydorenko.

I am so happy to take part in the project. Actually it's my first experience in the work like this, but I am ready to work hard trying to explore new things and enjoy working in the group. I am from Ukraine, Khmelnytsky. I've been working in Khmelnytsky National University for 13 years. I like working with young people, and each time I try to be up-to-date. I wish everybody luck and success!

Yahoo ID: olena_syd




My name is lyndon. I work at the Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, teaching english reading and writing skills to freshman students. I have been teaching english in Turkey for 7 years now, 3 years in Istanbul and 4 years in Izmir. Prior to that I was an electronics design engineer for 25 years. I know nothing about blogs or blogging but am willing to learn what they are and how to use them. I would like to incorporate a blog into my university web page if possible! Am just learning how to navigate through the site, but am having trouble at the minute - will sort things out soon ý hope. Feel free to contact me if you wish to do so.

Yahoo ID: hocamca




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