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 The Blogging Team


Welcome to the incredible world of blogging where you can voice your thoughts, opinions and feelings. We'll take you into this journey of experiments and discoveries. The possibilities are only limited by your fertile imagination.



You can listen to our welcome messages on the "voicethread" below by clicking on the play button.







Carla Arena


 A Brazilian EFL teacher, explorer of the potential of technology integration into language learning, Carla started to explore the possibilities of tech-applications some years ago and has been trying them out new ever since. Carla is a teacher trainer and site content manager at  A Binational Center in Brasilia, but she's on a leave right now. She's temporarily living in Key West. She's a blogging fan (or addict!) and enthusiastic Webhead.



The Journey on Teaching and Learning







Gladys Baya



An Argentinian EFL teacher and teacher trainer, Gladys has passionately been researching about the contributions ICT can make to the ELL classroom for nearly 15 years.  Her life radically changed after attending an EVO workshop (“Becoming a Webhead") in 2005. Inspired by WebheadsinAction, in 2006 she founded Learning with Computers -  an online community for language teachers to share their first steps in technology integration.







Erika Cruvinel


A Brazilian EFL teacher interested in all applications of technology in language learning. Together with Carla Arena, Erika is a computer lab monitor and site manager at a Binational Center in Brasília. Erika is especially interested in the uses of blogs to develop collaborative projects among different countries.









Mary Hillis


An EFL teacher in Japan, Mary is enthusiastic about language teaching and learning.  In 2006, Mary joined two online communities of practice: Becoming a Webhead and Learning with Computers.  Since then, she has been exploring how technology can be used for both personal and professional projects.







Nina Lyulkun


Teacher of English language for university students majoring in economics in Ukraine. She has been involved into exploring online teaching and learning since 1997,  though learned much more with the Webheads since 2002 as lurker first but more active experience gained while LwC and B4B workshops last and this year.

Dawning B4B Light

Connecting Hawaii TESOL and TESOL Ukraine/

Greetings from the Webheads

Bloxi Exploring Attempts



Carla Raguseo




An EFL teacher and Computer Lab coordinator at A.R.I.C.A.N.A., a Binational Center in Rosario, Argentina, Carla has used blogs for different  purposes with her classes and for professional development. She has been a member of Learning with Computers since 2006. At present,  she's also involved in the development of online and blended language courses.







Cristina Costa

EFL teacher and learning technologist. Used to involve students in ICT activities. Currently she is working at the University of Salford,
helping academic staff in efficient use of edu-technology. She believes blogging is one of the most engaging strategies to involve students in
collaborative learning opportunities.






Ana Maria Menezes



An EFL teacher and coordinator at a language institute in Brazil, Ana Maria has recently got involved with using internet tools to enhance learning. She is a blog fan and has created several class blogs to offer more learning opportunities to her students. She has also been introducing other teachers into the blogging world in hands-on sessions and has created a blog for this purpose.


 http://lifefeast.blogspot.com - a personal blog

 http://bloggingteachers.blogspot.com - blog for teachers who are beginning to blog.

 http://b2-2007.blogspot.com - a class blog for EFL beginners (second semester 2007)



María Claudia Bellusci



An Argentinian EFL teacher and eager explorer of technology. Claudia has been training teachers in the use of computers in the classroom since 2002 and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Technology Applied to Education. After participating in EVO 2006, she joined Learning with Computers and turned into a fervent advocate of online communities of practice.





Vance Stevens



Vance Stevens is a Lecturer in Computing at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. From 1997-2003 he was CALL (computer-assisted language learning) coordinator at the Military Language Institute in Abu Dhabi. He has been an ESL teacher since 1975, and has implemented CALL since 1979. He has conducted research, produced numerous publications and CALL software, and was for 2 years Director of ESL Software Design at a software publishing company in California.









Special Collaborator


Dennis Oliver



Until recently, Dennis taught ESL and Developmental English at Estrella Mountain Community College

in Avondale, Arizona. In the 20 years or so before that, he did a lot of things: taught pre-university

students and did administrative work at a university IEP, taught secondary-school students in a now-defunct

private boarding school, served as an editor and writer while he worked for and with a well-known ESL/EFL

materials developer, and taught, did teacher training, worked in curriculum development, and served as

a textbook editor for a chain of proprietary ESL/EFL schools. Dennis has been interested in and involved

with online ELT since the mid 1990s, and some of his online materials from that time are still online

at Dave's ESL Cafe.









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