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 Live Sessions





Time in GMT


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What's your time zone in GMT?

Check the World Clock for your local time or try Qlock and mouseover the map in your area.


Kick-off Webcast


Sunday, Jan 13 at 16 GMT
EVO Kick-off Webcast - Hosted by Jeff Lebow
Worldbridges - http://webheadsinaction.org (link to the chat room on the right side of the page. In order to listen to the session, you need to click on one of the sound channel icons)

Recording of kick-off session.


Chat log here.


Week 1: Getting Started


Office Hours


Monday January 14
16 GMT

At Skype

Help Desk for questions and support.

Skype ID: carlaarena

Carla and Lilian Farag's Chat Log



  • The reasons for many tools we use
  • FOMS
  • Our Session Blogs

Carla and Michael Shade's Chat Log



  • Michael not wanting to miss a thing in our session
  • Brazilian Music
  • Last.fm widget for blogs
  • Soccer!


 Group Get-Together


Thursday, January 17
22:00 to 23:00 GMT

At WiziQ

Access the session here.


  • Make sure you sign up in WiziQ.
  • In the Teacher Search box (top right of your screen), type "carla arena" and add her to your network.
  • Use headsets/earphones during the session to minimize sound glitches.
  • Check our WiZiQTutorial.
Short Chat on your expectations for this workshop and your experience so far. We'll also explore how this tool can help us in the following weeks. Skype Contact  ID: carlaarena



Week 2: Understanding and Starting a Blog


Office Hours



Monday to Friday, Jan 21 - 25

13:00 to 14:00 GMT


Questions on week 2 tasks Ana Maria's Skype Contact ID: anamariacult



Monday, Jan 21

 21:00 to 22:00 GMT

or any time you see

my skype ID in online


Skype Questions on week 2 tasks Cris Costa's Skype Contact ID: navysternchen


Wednesday, January 23
18:00 to 20:00 GMT
Skype Questions on week 2 tasks Nina's Skype Contact ID: nagora


Wednesday, Jan 23

14:00 to 15:00 GMT


Questions about Edublogs
Skype Contact ID: carlaarena


 Thursday, January 24        
 18:00 to 20:00 GMT    
Skype  Questions about Blogger
 Skype Contact ID: erikacruvinel


Live session


Bee Dieu's Presentation - Social Media in English Language Teaching







Tuesday, January 22nd at  WiziQ


21 GMT

Check your local time here.

Remember to Sign up for an account at WiziQ prior to the presentation.

Use headsets or earphones during the session.


WiziQ tutorial.




Barbara Dieu is the Coordinator of the Foreign Languages Department and an EFL teacher at the Franco Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. She´s been involved in collaborative projects online since 1997 and blogging since 2003. Check out Her Personal Blog.


Bee has developed a wonderful joint Blogging project with Aaron Campbell, The Open Web Publishing EFL/ESL project Dekita.org



Week 3: Blogging: Off We Go!


Office Hours


 Monday, 28 JAN - Friday, 1 FEB

2100 - 2200 GMT or

Whenever available on Skype

  Cris Costa's Skype ID:




 Live Session 


Tags, RSS and the writingmatrix

Sunday, Feb 3rd,

at 16GMT.

Check your local time here.



Join us at WiziQ


Discussion of ways to connect blogs, thoughts and people in the blogosphere.

The Blogging Team will host the session.



Week 4: Making your Blog Unique


Office Hours

 Tuesday, February 5  from 15GMT to 16GMT  



Skype ID: carla.raguseo




Presenters of the Week


Blogging4educators meet The Women of the Web2.0


Click here to get your own player.




Women of the Web2.0 (WOW2.0)


Sharon Peters is a former middle and senior school English teacher. Over the years, Sharon and her students participated in several award-winning global online collaborative projects with classes around the world. She has presented topics about 21st century new media literacy skills at a number of international conferences and regularly webcasts shows for educators. Sharon's role at LEARN includes overseeing the design of learning and evaluation situations in ELA and providing resources for ELA educators.

Name: Vicki A. Davis
Home: Camilla, Georgia, United States
About Me: I'm a teacher, entrepreneur, edublogger, conference presenter, and freelance writer. I am an avid reader, technology "geek", and heart-felt Christian. Locally, I've been Camilla Chamber president, a Rotarian, and a Leadership Georgia graduate.My class wiki has won many awards and media recognition. I am a Tech Learning blogger, co-founder of  Women of Web 2 and co-host the WOW2 show Tuesdays at 9 pm EST at Ed Tech Talk. I co-authored the Flat Classroom Project and Horizon Project.
See my complete profile




Jennifer Wagner.....

was looking for an interesting way to collect data for a science fair project and posted her question to the EdTech newsgroup board, and the O.R.E.O. Online Project was born. The Project is now in its NINTH year and TechnoSpud.com hosts many online projects during each year. She was the top finalist in the Global SchoolNet Foundation Teacher Award in 2005 for her online projects and effective uses in teacher telecollaboration and has won various other awards for her innovative use of technology. Her TechnoSpud website has a monthly newsletter with Useful Links, Technololgy Facts, and a 30-Minute Technology Tip for teachers to use immediately in their classroom or lab. She is an enthusiastic conference speaker and enjoys sharing the power of technology in and out of the classroom. Jennifer has just published her first book, 35 Tech Tips for Teachers!

Websites: Technospud.com, TechnospudProjects.com, TheBloggersCafe.com, Online Projects 4 Teachers

Blog: http://www.technospud.com/blog




Hello, I am Cheryl Oakes, I live in ME, USA, my blogsite is located @ Weebly, http://www.cheryloakes.com
I am a Collaborative Content Coach for Technology in Wells, Maine in the Wells Ogunquit Community School District a member of Webheads 2005, SEEDLINGS, teacher, webcaster,  and mom.
Here are my websites:
I blog 2 times a month for www.techlearning.com/blog
It is all about conversations and sharing.

 February 7th,


at 2GMT


Listen to the recording at  WiziQ



Edublogtalk with


Konrad Glogowsky 




Paul Allison 


We'll engage in reflective edublogtalk and

discuss ways to facilitate our students

blogging process.



February10 at

14 GMT at WiZiQ  


Week 5: Involving Students in Blogging




Hosted by

Skype Contact ID

Monday, February 11th  10:00 to 11:00 GMT or whenever available  Cristina Costa  navysternchen
Tuesday, February 12th                      14 to 15 GMT     Carla Raguseo  
Wednesday, February 13th




Thursday, February 14th  21:00 to 22:00 GMT or whenver available  Cristina Costa  navysternchen
Friday, February 15th

 14:00 to 15:00 GMT

 Carla Raguseo



James Farmer's presentation:

'What's the blogging point? Why you, your students and  your boss could all do with an edublog.'



"James Farmer has been a teacher at La Trobe and RMIT Universities, a lecturer in education design at Deakin and the online community editor at The Age.

He is currently CEO of the largest education blogging network on the web, Edublogs (

and consults for education, media and community organisations

While not in a symbiotic relationship with his laptop he enjoys a spot of red, interesting opinions and playing classical guitar (poorly)."

 Tuesday Feb.12

22 GMT

You can access the session here:  WiZiQ 


Remember to Sign up for an account at WiziQ prior to the presentation.


Use headsets or earphones during the session.


WiziQ tutorial.


Week 6: Rounding Off



Sunday, February 24th

at 17 GMT

At Worldbridges with Jeff Lebow.








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