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  Group discussion:

To correct or not to correct



Students' Errors while Blogging - Issues on What, When and How



Dear all,


There will never be total agreement on correction in language learning. But, there are some interesting aspects in language learning blogging and we'd like to invite you to reflect upon them:


- If the student could convey his idea and keep up with the discussion, would you be dealing with grammar directly on the blog? Wouldn't it be too much exposure for the student?

- If you see that the student is having difficulty in making correct sentences, would you try to lecture there in the comment area about writing structure?

- If there's a vocabulary problem, will you teach students about vocabulary in the comment area?


There are so many issues involved...We certainly need to address mistakes, but our BIG question to the group is: Is the blog the right place to address them? Would you leave the comments the way they are, or would you edit them? If the student has posted from home, would you delete the comment and then edit and post it again? How would you go about it...


To Correct or not To Correct? How should we approach students' mistakes?



The Blogging Team



The following excerpts were taken from some of our students' blogs.

All students made an effort to get their messages across even with some grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes.

Read these students' posts and write an email to the group answering the following questions: 



Should the teacher correct students' mistakes when they write on a blog?

How should students' errors be addressed?



"My name is C. . I love my live, I live in apartament very good. I have a little car, but beautiful.

I like eat salad, pasta, bread with cheese. I drink coffee, milk with chocolate, wine and water. I like some fruits I eat in the morning every day.

I'm waring blue jeans and white t-shirt and waring a dress I love it. My shoes are confortably I have many colors.

I like dancing in the club, singing at symphonic coral."



"Hello teacher, I like to speak English,but, I don´t speak very well. I also like to travel, to dance, to go movies, . Everybory in my family love music, especially rock. I don´t like animals, my children love animals. I love voluntary work."




My name is A. , I have shoulder lenght brown hair. I'm thin but my son is thinner than me. Now I'm stay in home with my son, he's plaing video game PS2, and I'm writing my home work and listening to music, actually I'm listening Enya. My son is as handsome as Gianechine, but he is blond and youngest. I'm wearing blue t-shirt, black paints and sneakers, maybe I'll go ride a bike with my son .

My sunday is full...."



"My favorite food is a italian and japanese.

Yes, I like because is very fast and easy to make.

Ohhhh....In my breakfast I have coffe, ham and jelly, beacause i m in a diet.

I usually have rice, beans, meat and salad. "



"Hi, I´m long in my family, and the more young too. I have a brown hair and brown eyes, I´m thin, but my sister Idalice is thinner than me, my family is very great, my mother Vilma is the best mother in the world, I love her. I have eigth nephews and nieces, four nephews and four nieces, E. is the more young, she were born in this year, in october, and my old nephew is D., he is nineteen years old, he is smaller than me, but him brother D.A. is taller than he. I like and love my love."



The Blogging Team


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