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Weekly Benchmarks





Week 1 (Jan 14-20)


I have...


  • posted a message to the group introducing myself
  • replied to at least two introductions posted to the group
  • learned who make up The Blogging Team.
  • added my photo and message to the group attendr.
  • answered the introductory survey .
  • read What Exactly is a Blog Anyway?.
  • posted to the group blog explaining how I understand the difference between blogs, wikis and websites.
  • reflected upon my experience and my future blogging on our group blog.
  • chatted with some of my partners in WiziQ.


Week 2 (Jan 21-27)


I have...



Week 3 (Jan 28 - Feb 3)


I have...


Week 4 (Feb 4 - 10)


I have...


  • watched Konrad Glogowsky's presentation
  • visited our blog to read Konrad's introduction and the post has written for our session
  • read Paul Allison's experience with his class
  • written a post or inserted an audio file in my blog with my reflections on the topic
  • tagged my post edublogtalk
  • added a sound file to my blog
  • edited my blog sidebar links
  • added a widget to my template
  • shared my favorite tools on our blog
  • attended the live session Blogging with the WoW2.0 at WIZIQ 
  • attended the live session Edublogtalk at WIZIQ 

Week 5 (Feb 11 - 17)


I have...



Week 6 (Feb 18 - 24)


I have...


  • made a blog project plan for the year 2008
  • posted my project plan to my blog
  • replied to two projects posted by other participants
  • made adjustments in my blog project when necessary
  • answered the session evaluation survey
  • answered the EVO final survey
  • joined the session graduation ceremony

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